Shoot With Me

Let’s take some pictures together. I’m open to shooting around the greater Los Angeles area and can accompany you elsewhere as well. What do you have in mind?


My rates vary depending on what we’re doing, how long it will take, and other situational conditions. You can be sure that I’ll give you my most affordable rate up front and provide all the value in the world for it. Most of it goes towards covering film, development, and travel costs so I’m not losing money.

Most rolls of film have about 25 exposures, give or take. It’s usually easier for me to finish complete rolls with the same subject.

You’re always welcome to bring along a friend. I ask that you let me know in advance, especially if you’re planning on bringing more than one. I prefer a smaller group because I think a one-on-one approach lends itself to more genuine photos, but your safety and comfort will always come first. You can read more about my ethics and please let me know if you have any concerns at all.

I will ask anyone who’s the subject of my photography to sign this contract. I’ll bring copies and a pen with me.

Contact me here.