Digital SLR Gallery

priscilla in garden arch

Despite being a film enthusiast, I do shoot digital, too. As much as I love my antique cameras, it’s impossible to ignore the benefits a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera has.

alex with sunglasses on
alex taking sunglasses off
alex blinking
alex eyes open sunglasses at side

It’s not uncommon for me to take a DSLR, a film SLR, and a bag of disposables out on the same trip if it’s going to be something I want to get plenty of coverage for. It’s easier to be more precise sometimes in terms of exposure, focus, and other adjustments.

priscilla looking thoughtful

I usually bring out my DSLR on dedicated shoots that are meant to veer more towards the formal side of informal photography.

lauren in steampunk
sunset against brick with lauren in steampunk
lauren steampunk smiling with umbrella
lauren steampunk umbrella from behind

Shooting digital is also great for extended vacations where I know I’m going to want to take a lot of exposures.

small cactus with huge landscape behind it
alex climbing windmill against blue sky
hiker on top of a joshua tree mountain raw file edited

Shooting in RAW also gives me options for post-production edits that film just doesn’t allow. For example, this adventure in Joshua Tree – a famous national park near my homebase of Los Angeles – presented me with vivid colors in the surrounding landscape. You know how you can never really capture how majestic a location is in a photograph?

Well, editing RAW files to bring out those colors and contrasts can make those photographs a lot more like what I see when I look around. And I see everything with a lot of vibrance and majesty.

violet edited mountain in joshua tree
joshua tree landscape
alex blanket joshua tree explorer

Since DSLRs can be both fast and take high-quality photos, they’re my favorite for shooting wildlife, too.

squirrel eating meat off a bone
deer in the woods

If your need is digital, or is better served by digital, I won’t be shy about it. I’ve been shooting digital for decades and can get whatever you need done with an expert touch.

street window reflection
alex at pan pacific park blocks
ornate mirror church crazy architecture

In fact, I’m pretty proud of my digital gear and process. But I’ll save that for another time.

priscilla weho
katie making a funny face on the beach
priscilla light and shadow

So what are you waiting for? Come shoot with me.

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