Priscilla Avila on a Disposable Camera Shoot

I recently had an excellent photoshoot with Priscilla Avila, a model, actress, writer, and all-around creative extraordinaire. We used a disposable camera as well as my DSLR, but this post will focus solely on the film photos.

hands against a mirror
photo in the street
priscilla avila thoughtful in the street
priscilla avila smiling on camera

Priscilla is amazing to work with. She’s collaborative and has so many ideas that it’s really a back and forth process. She also takes direction very well and because of all of these things we were able to get some pretty nice shots.

light lines through the fence
priscilla avila under a small gateway
priscilla avila in los angeles ca

Priscilla is originally from Brazil, but came to LA to work and is keeping very busy. I met her in 2018 and was so excited I got to work with her on this level.

priscilla avila flower princess
priscilla below the sun
priscilla avila behind lens flare
walking on a street sidewalk
priscilla avila shocked face
priscilla parking garage
swing in yard
priscilla on the rails
priscilla from above

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