A Casual Los Angeles Spring on Disposable Camera

Not all of my photos involve models. I spared a disposable camera for fun shots around Los Angeles on my walks and various adventures, and these are some of my favorite shots from that roll. Many are useful from an educational perspective. (Of course, you can see more in my disposable camera gallery.)

Let’s start with the roommate grill-out!

kevin and martin mid wilshire grilling
A candid from above.
kevin and martin looking up

Now let’s look at some interesting geometry in architecture. I took and selected these photos because I love how the lines work in the composition. Landscape and building shots give me a lot more practice and opportunity to think about composition and angles, and those are skills I can then use in model photography (even though it’s much less in focus).

symmetry and geometry in downtown los angeles
One of my favorites. Check out the reflection in the building on the left – it’s almost like you’re looking through it at a continuation of the tan building. The hanging light adds a nice touch too. I really love this shot, I think the composition came through perfectly.
vertical lines and trees
This one is all about the vertical lines – the straight, rigid man-made lines ending in a flat top, and the wavy natural lines ending in scattered patterns (the palm tops). The palms are the focal point and I think it’s interesting how the building, rather than leading to it, has lines that seem to restrict your eye from going to it. The lines that ARE pointing at the palms (the darker window lines) are de-emphasized and broken up, severely overpowered by the concrete.
apartment courtyard in koreatown
The break in the vertical lines here is the opening up of the door to the viewer, letting you in to the magical courtyard beyond. Unfortunately the fountain and statue within weren’t exposed as much as I’d have preferred – but that’s the nature of a disposable camera, and I still like the overall product.
asian inspired house
I love how most of the lines here emphasize the flatness, low-to-the-ground horizontal aspect of this house. Including the road and the lines was a conscious choice, as was getting those two palm trees to frame it and provide further contrast. The steps are a natural focal point to lead the eyes up to the entryway. Even a power line in the sky and the surfaces of the trees reinforce the squashed feeling.
church and palm trees
I don’t believe in slanting a photo just to get a more exciting shot without reason. In this case I wanted to mix up the classical architecture of the church with the more bright and flowery aspects of the plants and sky. When you slant the photo the colors can sometimes “pop” a little more because your eyes see them as colors and shapes first, for the split millisecond longer it takes your brain to realize what the forms actually are. It’s a different way of looking at the building.

Okay, now let’s look at a couple last photos that are a little more “just for fun.”

wooded house in los angeles
I just really loved this house and this yard. Wow!
elaborate pink mansion in mid wilshire
Look at this incredible, aging, dreamscape pink mansion! This thing is a work of art. Who lives here??
gnome riding a turtle
This is a gnome riding a turtle.

Hope you enjoyed my disposable camera study from May and June of 2019. You oughta shoot with me sometime.